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Search for funding for businesses

Does your industrial or technological company have several development projects ? Would you like to have an overview of all the possible funds for your company ? Our public funds eligibility audit allows you to obtain an exhaustive and precise report of all the funds your company is eligible for. This report will be a decision support tool.

A search for funding in 3 steps

recherche de financement

an experienced consultant, located in your region, is in charge of carrying out the public fund eligibility audit. . Its analysis extends to regionaregional, national and European fund. He will validate the information related to public fund with each organization, will combine the mechanisms to maximize the overall amount of funds your company can get.

Depending on the potential funds identified, your consultant can then assist you in setting up your proposal. From two financing files that you entrust to us, you make the price of the audit profitable.

Does this service interest you ?

Why choose AREAD for search for funding ?

Our search for funding method offers added value to your audit. With our own database of public funds, we are able to offer you an exhaustive and tailor-made audit report. The strong expertise of our consultants guarantees the quality of our audit. For each identified fund, your consultant provides expert advice (timing to be respected, risks, difficulties, etc.).

For a SME based in Nantes, we have identified 6 projects and 10 public funds that could finance them. Here is the overall summary of our analysis, presented at the end of the audit report :

recherche de financement