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Innovation funding

Les aides à la recherche et à l’innovation

your industrial or technological company launches innovative projects that will lead to the sale of products that do not exist today on your market. This results from funds financing innovation.

In France, 10 billion euros are invested each year in financing innovation to support the Research and Development (R&D), and the feasibility and development phases of innovation. More than 170 regional, national and European grants allow you to fund your innovation. These may be tax credits (CIR-CII), exemptions (JEI status), subsidies, repayable advances, etc.

Finding the right funds at the right time among all the innovation funds and optimizing them requires time and specific skills. AREAD allows you to get, optimize and secure innovation funds.

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Why call AREAD, a consulting firm in innovation funds ?

A multitude of public bodies offer innovation funds ; eligibility criteria vary. Each of these counters also has different contacts and procedures. To get the research development innovation (RDI) fund that suits you and benefits you the most, it is essential to call on an innovation funding consultancy firm such as AREAD.

AREAD team is made up of consultants experienced in funding innovation, engineers and/or doctors, who take charge of the entire process of applying for public funds. Referenced as an expert in Research Tax Credit and Innovation Tax Credit, AREAD specializes in financing innovation. Here is an overview of the innovation grants that we help you get.

Research and Development (R&D) funds

In the framework of your innovative project, you may encounter one or more technical difficulties. To overcome these difficulties, Research and Development work may be necessary and may be funded.

R&D is divided into three types of activity that can be funded: fundamental research, applied research and experimental development. R&D funding concerns personnel and operating expenses, subcontracting, patents, standardization, technology watch, etc.. Your project can be individual or collaborative.

Here are the main Research and Development grants that we can help you get :

Do you want to hire a doctoral student as part of your R&D project with a research laboratory and benefit from a grant ? AREADAREAD sets up theCIFRE file !

If your innovative project does not involve any technical difficulties, or if your R&D work has been completed, you can access innovation funds.

Innovation funds

Innovation funds support you in the validation phase of the feasibility of your concept and then in the development of your innovation into a solution.

The innovation feasibility stage can be financed by Bpifrance through a fund that can reach 70% of the following eligible expenses: evaluation studies and analysis of potential, design and definition of the project, planning, validation of technical and economic feasibility, watching, strategic positioning study, design approach, recruitment of R&D executives, etc...

The development stage of the innovation can be funded by the Innovation Tax Credit (CII), by a repayable advance or a loan for the design of prototypes or pilot installations.

Here are the main innovation funds that we can help you to get :