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Our watching tool on public funds

Logiciel veille informationnelle Public funds are constantly changing and your company is not informed. With our personalized watching tool, you automatically obtain an exhaustive list of funds corresponding to your profile in your personal space online, and you are notified by email when new funds are added to your personal space. Thus, you will only receive information that is relevant to you.

Why choose our watching tool ?

This innovative information watching service has been designed to allow :

  • Saving time in the search for information,
  • The centralization of all information on a platform,
  • A discount on each financing file that you entrust to us.

In your personal space, you will find a full range of funding (subsidies, repayable advances, tax credits, etc.), scale (region, state or Europe) and areas. Our watching team constantly feeds and updates the public funds database, and our consultants select the best funds for your business.

Customized watching
  • Setting up : €100
  • Subscription: from €55 a month
  • 1 Year commitment
  • 5% Discount on entrusted projects
  • Watch area
  • Notifications by e-mail
  • Dedicated consultant