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Investment fund for your business

industrieInvestment projects improve the performance and competitiveness of your industrial company, but represent considerable costs. AREAD assists you in getting material investment fund for your company.

By getting material investment assistance, you will be able to accelerate your technological progress to access new markets, products and customers.

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How do I get material investment funds ?

More than 300 investment grants are available for your business, but obtaining this funding depends on :

  • Your location,
  • Your sector of activity,
  • Your size,
  • Your expenses and their amount,
  • The economic benefits of your project.

Fund for material investment investment is the most frequent and is therefore aimed at industrial companies. This funding concerns the purchase of machinery, equipment for the production tool or even installation work on equipment.

From time to time, public bodies offer grants for intangible investment (patents, brands, software, advice, training, etc.) or grants for real estate investment (creation, extension or modernization of an industrial building).

Our team of experienced consultants will assist you in finding material investment grants as well as in the process of applying for funds. To learn more about investment grants for businesses, see our blog post .

Are you an SME established in Ile-de-France ? Discover the PM'UP Relance grant for your investment and growth projects.

The PM'UP Relance grant in Ile-de-Francee

PM'UP Relance regional fund supports industrial SMEs based in the Ile-de-France region in their development projects. The AREAD consultants based in Ile-de-France have specialized in this grant.

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