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Export funds

internationalExport is an essential project in your company’s life. The success of this project depends in particular on your financing strategy. An international development project requires investment and carries risks.

VAre you an industrial or technological company ? AREAD allows you to get export fund at each stage of your project, thanks to our knowledge of the eligibility criteria. Your company will thus be able to prospect and invest serenely abroad.


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Commercial prospecting, first step towards export

Before going international, you must analyze foreign markets and carry out prospecting actions (travel, recruitment, advertising, exhibitions, VIE, etc.). AREAD helps you fund these expenses via commercial prospecting grant.

For example, benefit from immediate cash flow support and insurance in the event of commercial failure with bpi export's Prospecting Insurance :

Investments related to international development

Whatever your international expansion strategy, you must make investments to implement your export project. Bpi export offers fund for investments abroad and for securing these investments :

  • Investment Insurance
  • Export Credit
  • Foreign exchange insurance Contract / Negotiation
  • Buyer credit insurance
  • Etc...

AREAD supports you in setting up bpi export files for the funding of your investment projects abroad, and their security. This approach will allow you to be covered against financial risks (commercial, political, monetary, etc.).

Get international development fund with AREAD

More than 80 export funds are available to export. Our team of experienced consultants will assist you in finding the fund corresponding to your export project as well as in the process :

Export funds