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The food industry is the leading industrial sector in France, but companies in this sector are subject to several constraints. To ensure food quality and safety, adapt to peak production periods and remain competitive against international competition, agri-food industry must modernise, invest and diversify its offer by constantly innovating. . Do you have an agri-food project ? Many agri-food aids can fund it and support the growth of your business.



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France Agrimer funds

FranceAgrimer is a national establishment which notably provide funding for agri-food companies. France Agrimer grants Agrimer are more aimed at innovative projects by agri-food SMEs (intelligent food, agro-ecology, bioeconomy, etc…) and come in the form of calls for proposals (which implies a selection of files). The expenses financed can be investments, R&D, work, etc.

FranceAgrimer grants are funded by the Future Investment Program (PIA) and the Grand Investment Plan (GPI). The PIA offers support for demonstrators, collaborative innovation and industrial solutions. The GPI rather supports the adaptation of tools through R&D and innovation, as well as the change of practices in relation to the energy transition. Other funding organizations may offer funding for your agribusiness industry.

Due to its activity, the food industry is particularly concerned by climate change. Environmental fund (in particular from ADEME) allows your company to improve its environmental performance. You can also gain visibility thanks to national and European innovation trophies Beyond these organisations, the majority of agri-food aid is however managed by the regions.

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Regional funds for investment in agri-food industries (ARIAA)

More than 20 regional funds are currently aimed at agri-food industries. This funding can concern investments but alsoconsulting services , sustainable development, export, l’innovation, etc… Among these are regional funds for investment in agri-food industries (ARIAA)..

This subsidy is advantageous because it can be combined with the FEADER, scheme, a European fund linked to agricultural rural development. For example, the Pays de la Loire Region grants a maximum fund rate of 20% via the ARIAA and thanks to the FEADER, this rate can be increased to a maximum of 40% of expenditure.However, this rule is valid in all the regions that offer this device ( Brittany, New Aquitaine, Auvergne – Rhône-Alpes, Occitania, Pays de la Loire, Grand Est Normandy). This fund sometimes takes the form of calls for proposals for some regions.

Some eligibility conditions are mandatory, such as the fact of transforming raw materials directly from the agricultural environment, raw materials under a quality sign (organic, label, IGP, etc.). Other criteria make it possible to obtain the FEADER bonus, in the case where, for example, the products come from primary processing operations of raw materials, according to the local supply area, etc. These criteria vary according to the Regions.

In addition to subsidies specific to the agri-food sector, you can claim all the funds for innovation, export funds, investment and environmental funds offered by the various regional and national counters. AREAD supports you in the search for grants in line with your projects, and supports the preparation of the entire file (from the constitution of the application file to the payment of funds to your company).