Aread » AREAD, consulting firm referenced for its expertise in CIR-CII

AREAD, consulting firm referenced for its expertise in CIR-CII

Specialized in the CIR and the CII since its creation, AREAD wished to be officially referenced with the Mediation of companies. The referencing committee accepted our request on January 5, 2017. A guarantee of confidence for innovative companies in our services related to the CIR and the CII.

What is the referencing of CIR-CII consulting actors ?

cabinet référencé cir ciiThe Referencing of consulting actors in CIR-CII is a system led by the Mediation of companies, issued for a period of 3 years. It contributes to optimizing the operation of the innovation chain. A proof of quality for every customer.

This referencing is, for innovative companies, a guarantee of a priori confidence in AREAD's ability to develop a service in line with the orientations of the administration with regard to the Research Tax Credit and the Innovation Tax Credit, and to maintain a mutually responsible contractual relationship. It is a voluntary action that allows us to offer the best service through several commitments.

referencing guarantees for our customers

By obtaining the CIR-CII referencing (referencing n°2017-01-05/02/2.0), AREAD has undertaken to respect 5 duties and 11 commitments.

The 5 duties for more transparency

1. . Duty to inform : AREAD undertakes to inform its prospects and customers and to make the charter available to them.

2. Duty to raise awareness : AREAD undertakes to make its client companies aware of the tax rules applicable to the CIR and/or CII (and all its developments) as well as the compliance obligations that prospects and clients will have to satisfy and demonstrate.

3. Duty to alert : AREAD undertakes to formally alert the client company of the risks of questioning (total or partial) of the CIR and/or the CII and of all their consequences in the event of inadequacies or breaches of the client company duly recorded.

4. Duty of protection : AREAD undertakes to take out professional insurance covering all the services provided to client companies.

5. Duty to communicate : AREAD undertakes to collect and analyze all information relating to proper compliance with the charter and its practices in order to sustainably be part of a dynamic of continuous progress.

The 11 commitments for optimal professionalism inform in the pre-commercial and commercial phases :

1. to present the mechanisms for financing innovation, and in particular public funds like CIR and CII.

2. To present the administration tools in connection with public funds especially with CIR and CII, and in particular the ruling and application guides.

3. To Make the client company aware of good practices (state of the art, management of R&D and Innovation projects, etc.) relating to getting and justifying the CIR and/or the CII.

4. To Precisely define the terms of performance of the service, reciprocal commitments, limits, prerequisites and financial terms, in particular on the commitments of means or results.

5. Presentation of the system for referencing players in CIR-CII advice and the means of appeal to the Mediation of companies. support the client company in the execution of the mission :

6. To Contribute to identify and then compile the supporting files related to CIR and CII.

7. To Inform the client company in the event of changes in tax rules and their consequences.

8. to Respect the values put forward by the consulting actors in their relationship with the client company (Confidentiality, Transparency, Duty to advise and alert, Loyalty, Responsibility).

C. to support the client company in the post-mission :

9. to Support, depending on the nature of the mission, the client company in the event of requests from the administration relating to missions in progress or completed.

D. to Contribute to the ecosystem :

10. To Participate in work relating to innovation financing mechanisms through watching actions on PLFs, watching of Bofip, membership of professional and/or sectoral organizations, etc...

11. To Provide quantified indicators to measure the effectiveness of adherence to the Charter of CIR-CII advisory players.

Retrouvez the charter of CIR-CII consulting actors online to find out more.

Our consulting firm AREAD is proud to be among the players in CIR-CII consulting, a referencing that demonstrates both our excellence and the particular attention we pay to the satisfaction of our customers.